About The Artist

    Primal Flow Studios was founded in October 2017 by Kegan Kidd. Kegan is originally from Texarkana, TX. He is a graduate of Southern Arkansas University, Class of 2011, Bachelor of Fine Arts with an emphasis in Art History & Studio/3D Arts. He obtained multiple merit based scholarships, was a Teaching Assistant, and was the first Art Student in the history of SAU to be granted an Undergraduate Research Grant and graduate in the Honors College.
    After college he moved to Dallas to pursue his Art Career, and there had multiple group shows, including his inclusion in RAW Dallas 2012. He was forced to move home after prolonged illness due to the West Nile Virus.
    After that, Kegan's Art Career was minimal, including small projects and murals while he built his successful In-Home Pet Sitting & Dog Training Business.
    In 2017 he lost his new home and the majority of his business due to prolonged illness related to Fibromyalgia.
    He began experimenting with Fluid Painting that winter as a way to occupy his mind and as a therapeutic outlet. He quickly found the more he painted, the better he felt, and attributes his near full physical and mental recovery to this particular artistic technique.
    Kegan began experimenting with creating his own premixed pouring paint mix in November 2017, which he still uses exclusively. Primal Flow Acrylic Pouring Paints came to the market in March of 2018 with the flagship colors: Titanium White, Shimmer Black, Cobalt Turquoise, and Seafoam Turquoise.
    Kegan began to primarily work with and teach Resin Epoxy in late 2018. Since then he has created many large works for private homes, businesses, and charitable causes. His work primarily employs vibrant colors, organic textures, and monochromatic palettes. 
    Kegan now lives with his Partner in South Seattle and works out of his Studio in West Seattle. He still struggles with chronic pain but still finds catharsis, joy, and healing in his artwork. 
    Read A Feature from 9/16/18 in the Texarkana Gazette Here